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Wander around your neighborhood or cities across the globe to unlock NFTs and other travel rewards!

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About We Wander NFT

We Wander is a travel-to-earn NFT membership made up of unique and inclusive NFTs, generated from hand-drawn elements by travel blogger Anna Faustino and stored on the Ethereum Blockchain.

We are on a mission to inspire people to wander and explore so they can create unforgettable memories around the world.

Through our exciting Wander Quests and more, we want to help bridge IRL (in real life) travel experiences into Web3 and the Metaverse.

As a community, we will be supporting various environmental charities and pioneering movements to help make an impact and make the world a better place.

Wander with us on this exciting journey.

Start WanderingHow Does It Work?

How Does It Work?


Complete Quests

Use our app to join Wander Quests around the world and in your neighbourhood (think: Pizza Crawl in NYC, or a quest around the Best Viewpoints in San Francisco).

Collect STAMPS

Each time you complete a quest, you earn STAMPS.

Claim Rewards

You can use your STAMPS to redeem rewards from the Wander Exchange. These rewards range from NFTs, hotel stays, travel experiences, and more.

What are Quests?

Start wandering with our members-only app, built for the community, by the community.

Location Quests

While Web3 is awesome, nothing beats spending time outdoors. Complete our Location Quests which can be found all over the world to earn STAMPS.
Quests are made up of highly curated experiences, showing you the best things to do around a specific location.

Global Quests

Not traveling but still want to earn STAMPS? No problem!
Complete our Global Quests within your neighborhood or local community.
Global Quests are designed around giving back so you can earn while doing things like a park clean up, planting a tree, volunteering in an animal shelter, and more.

Other Membership Benefits

Aside from exclusive app access, as a We Wander member, you also get…

Members Spotlights

We want to support and shine a light on NFT artists who are creating content on different cultures and destinations around the world.
Wander around the world with us through art.

Metaverse Gallery

To showcase these incredible artworks that we’ve collected, we are building our very own We Wander Metaverse gallery!
All members are invited to hang out in this space to view travel themed NFT art and photography, from creatives all over the world.
We Wander NFT

Our StoryMeet The Founders

8 years ago, the founder and artist of We Wander NFT, Anna Faustino left her home in the Philippines with nothing but a backpack in tow.

Multiple countries, travel mishaps, and cultures later, Anna is even more convinced that travel is key to building a better, more empathetic world.

Coming from a 3rd world country, Anna spent 6 years working a full-time job plus multiple side gigs to fund her travels. Because of this life changing experience, she is passionate about building a culturally inclusive community that encourages people to explore and live life to the fullest.

Anna with her backpack

Together with her fiancé Tom who she met on her travels (best souvenir to date!) they have spent the last 7 years traveling and building AdventureinYou.com, one of the world's leading travel blogs.

Over the years, their blog has been read by over 12 million readers from all over the world!

Aside from this, the duo also founded Blogging Fast Lane, a blogging education company currently serving over 2000 students, with the aim to help others profit from their passions.

Together, they have been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Travel, Foundr and have multiple contacts in the travel space which expands to travel brands, tourism boards, and more.

Tom and Anna Traveling

Anna & Tom Have Been Featured On...

We Wander NFT as seen on

Their strong sense of business acumen has allowed them to build two successful businesses, all while living out their dream of traveling the world.

Tom is a self-taught developer and is the tech genius behind this project. Anna used to be a teacher turned blogger, turned digital artist. Together, they are traveling and eating their way around the world with nothing more than 1 suitcase each and their laptops.

They are now ready to take their love for travel to the Metaverse and Web3.

We Wander Gives Back

As a community, we want to make sure that we help make the world a better place!

We will be continously supporting various charities that focus on environmental preservation, animal conservation, and more.

To get started we will be donating 2.5% of primary sales to charities that the community will vote on.

All donations will be reported on this website and Discord with Etherscan links in the spirit of true transparency.

Get updates on when our project is launching and discover our full roadmap by following We Wander NFT on Twitter.

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It Takes a Team to Build Something GreatMeet The We Wander NFT Team

  • Anna Faustino

    Digital Artist | Co-Founder

  • Tom Rogers

    Tech & Partnerships | Co-Founder

  • NFT_Gal

    Community Boss | Advisor

  • Tuesday Martes

    Social Media Queen | Advisor

  • Arian

    Content Assistant

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